The first whale shark sighting recorded this year was on 2nd May 2007. The sighting  took place at approximately 4.30 pm at the depth of 8 to 10 m of South Rock, one of  the popular dive sites in Lankayan. Another second sighting occurred the next day at  approximately 12.15 noon at the same site (South Rock) again witnessed by guest  divers and snorkellers who wasted no time rushing to the site upon being alerted. A  third and fourth sighting occurred respectively on 13th May and 23rd May 2007.  On 31st January 2007, Sung Siew Secondary School’s Green or Been Team was  declared the nation wide winner for Maxis Cyberlinq Competition, an exciting and  meaningful competition that brings together schools, technology and the  community.and 23rd May 2007.  Part of their winning project which focused on conservation issues was adopting a  reef within SIMCA. The adopted reef was called “ The Sung Siew Reef”. As a token to  congratulate the team, Reef Guardian had invited the team to visit Lankayan for a 3  days 2 nights stay from 28th May 2007 till 30th May 2007. During their stay, the team  did a mural painting on the turtle hatchery which was nicely done. Aside from that, the  team had fun snorkeling around Lankayan, playing beach games, learning more  about conservation from talks and presentations by Reef Guardian Marine Biologist,  Ms Achier Chung and WWF Representatives, Ms. Lee.  Look’s who is here in Kapalai, The famous basketball player Mr.Dirk was having  vacation in Sipadan Kapalai Dive Resort.  News Archive Important : This is the resort owner’s site. Other look alike sites have nothing to do                   with us and their contents posted without our permission.                                                      Copyright © Pulau Sipadan Resort & Tours Sdn Bhd